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frequently asked questions

What products and services do you offer? provides it's customers with quality manufacturer recovery ( or restore) discs for your computer. We stock recovery discs for literally every computer manufactured or produced. Each order of recovery discs will include a two disc set containing the specific operating system disc for your computer, as well as the specific drivers for each component of it's system.

What is included in my order?

All orders come complete with the discs needed to reinstall your computers operating system, install all updated drivers, applications and utilities your computer needs to operate. Some of the recovery discs will NOT install a recovery partition, while some of them will. We cannot tell which manufacturers install the recovery partition and which ones dont. Additionally, there is no way for us to know exactly which utilities or programs will be installed for your particular computer, however, each disc does install all of the neccessary utilities to make your computer operate just as when it was new. Additionally, with each complete order of recovery disks there are specific instructions on installing each of the components of your order. If you're interested in placing your order now, please click here.

How do I process my order? offers its customers four convenient ways to process their orders. We offer the ability to manually type in your computers manufacturer, model number, or other identifying information to pull up search results for your specific computer. In addition to the search bar, there is also a pull down menu that will allow you to select your computers manufacturer. After selecting the manufacturer you'll be then given the opportunity to select the model of the computer using, then the operating system, then place the order. At the present time, all orders except express shipment orders, must be placed via the website.

What payment options do you accept? accepts Visa, Master card, American Express, and Discover as payment methods. Please keep in mind that once you place your order, it cannot be changed or canceled under any circumstances.

Is my payment information secure? does not retain its customers payment information. Payment information is not stored, or saved for any reason. Once your payment has gone through, we can no longer charge your payment method any more than what you've agreed to pay for your recovery disks and services. All payments are taken through a secure website and processed over a secure connection.

Do you sell my information?

Absolutely not. At no time will your information be sold, rented, or given out. Please view our privacy policy here for more information regarding your privacy.

What if I need technical support? provides its customers with instructions in every order of recovery disks. These instructions are detailed and explain the process of using them step by step. If at anytime you require additional assistance you may contact us by email to have your questions or concerns answered. If the problem you're experiencing is not disc related, there will be an additional charge for support. Because the use of our discs can be somewhat technical for some users we would suggest using resources such as local computer repair shops and the internet search (Google,) to find the answers to questions you may have ourside of the detailed instructions that we send you with your recovery disc set.

Do you have a phone number? provides its customers with a toll free number to receive technical assistance for disc related issues. That number is 1.800.896.2363.

What do you guarantee? guarantees that your recovery discs will arrive within a timely matter as stated in our terms and conditions. We also guarantee that your discs will ship within 48 hours of your order being processed, and that the recovery discs you receive are 100% operable. Its important to note that these guarantees are further detailed and covered in our terms and conditions.

How long does shipping take?

Orders are typically processed within 48 hours of them being placed. However in certain circumstances it may take 5-10 business days to process your order. Additionally, depending on the shipping method shown, it may take 4-5 business days to deliver. However, customers report an average of 3-5 days to receive their order once shipped. Customers that are located close to shipping address frequently reported a 1-2 day delivery once the orders been shipped. We do offer express shipment of your disc for $49.99. To purchase express shipment, please place your order by emailing our support team with your name and phone number. A technician will contact you within 12 hours to process your express shipment. More details about shipping can be found here.

Can I download the ISO myself? does not provide ISO downloads for any of the computers in our database.

Do you ship outside the USA? will only ship orders outside of the United States on a case by case basis. Shipping orders to anywhere other than the United States will incur a shipping charge of $65 US to be added to the cost of the product. cannot guarantee delivery of your order or the time period in which your international order will be delivered. All international orders will be shipped by USPS International Priority but will not contain tracking outside of the United States. This is why we cannot guarantee delivery outside of the US. However, to date we have had very few instances of international shipments becoming lost in the mail or getting stuck in customers. Please keep in mind that the customer is responsible for all taxes, tarrifs, or government charges associated with their international order.

Do you accept returns or exchanges? does not accept refunds or exchanges on disc orders under any circumstances. Any questions regarding this policy can be answered or clarified by calling 1.800.896.2363.

Do I need a COA to use the disks?

Yes, you will need your Certificate of Authenticity, or the license key for your operating system. This 'product key,' or license information can be found usually on the bottom of your laptop, or the back of your desktop. If you're unable to locate this information you will need to contact your computer manufacturer or purchase a new code.

Can I select any operating system?

You must install the operating system that came with your computer from the manufacturer or whichever operating system you have the COA (certificate of authenticity,) or license agreement for. This 'product key,' or license information can be found usually on the bottom of your laptop, or the back of your desktop. If you're unable to locate this information can help you locate it. Please contact us for details.

What if the disks arrive with damage?

If your order arrives to you damaged and unusable, please contact our customer service department here. We will ship you another set immediately. No additional payment is required for this service.